Living In Honesty

Be honest with yourself, others and the universe at all times. Honesty is the best policy… but in order to do so you must understand your truth. Think about what you are saying to others when you speak, how you are coming across physically with your body language and how you want others to perceive you. You may not want others to see you in the light, in your truth. By bringing others into your darkness no one will truly see, including you. This will surely create more darkness and paralyse humankind’s ability to move towards a more peaceful place. Yet if the others you wish your darkness upon see your truth before they have given you their trust, they will have the ability to bring you into their light and in turn you will see.

Veritas Lux Mea


Truth is our light. Truth can be difficult to see and believe. It is hidden in the depths of our true nature, our light. Masked by learned behaviours, false perceptions and a limited understanding of love. How do we find our truth? It is in a place where each of us finds peace.This is where we can begin to understand love and our connection to the infinite.